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Rule #1 Of Mosh Pits: Know When The Mosh Pit Is Gonna Start So You Don't Get Swallowed Up Like This Girl Did



Come on lady.  Haven’t you ever mosh pitted before?   Obviously not.  There’s very few rules to know about mosh pitting.  It’s simple.  First, always know when the mosh pit is gonna start so you can decide if you wanna be in it or not.  That’s rule #1.  Pretty standard stuff if you ask me.  Rule #2 is act like a crazy person and slam into as many people as you can and try to die/try not to die (depending on your ultimate goal).  That’s it.  Those are all the rules to mosh pitting.  It should be noted that I’ve never mosh pitted either. I love going to concerts I just don’t love slamming into other people so hard my internal organs shift.  That could’ve easily been me out there.  One second you’re posing for a picture to post on Facebook then the next second you’re dead at the bottom of a pile of festival goers that smell like straight BO. She’s dead, right?  Gotta be. She didn’t even have a chance to react. RIP. We hardly knew ye.