INJURIES: Eagles Bringing In Kickers For Torn Up Cody Parkey, Kiko Alonso Visiting Dr. James Andrews Today

The Kiko crap isn’t new, but it’s not a good sign he’s visiting the guy who cuts the best of the best open for a living. Hopefully that “sprain” is what it is and he’ll be back, but if he does have to go under the knife then get ready for the Jordan Hicks show the rest of the season. And I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing. Parkey’s sore groin is a bit more disconcerting. Sure, he’s been perfect since pushing that FG in Atlanta, but his kickoffs have been uncharacteristically weak. He also shanked one out of bounds which is absolutely unacceptable outside of the High School level. Plus kickers don’t grow on trees. Alex Henery cost this team dearly two years ago. We need our Pro Bowl boy ready and healthy the entire year. That or get Tony Danza back in game shape or at least just let him into the locker room. Undefeated on all counts.