Road Rage Guy Drops A "Do You Know Who I Am?" But Forgets The Part Where You Have To Be Famous Or Important



Ronnie fucking Pickering!  Do you know who that is?  Nope but you do now.  That’s actually a solid strategy from Ronnie there.  The fastest way to make somebody think you’re important when you’re not important is to ask them, “Do you know who I am?”  They instantly have to think you’re a celebrity or a politician or a mobster.  Your credibility for being a person nobody should fuck with goes through the roof with that simple question.  Now, the guy on the motorcycle called Ronnie’s bluff, but I bet it works at least 45% of the time.  It’s interesting because whenever an actual celebrity or famous person does the “Do you know who I am?” routine it’s the biggest dick move in the world.  Anybody who says that is a straight up douche bag.  Except Ronnie Pickering* because nobody knows who the fuck Ronnie Pickering is. That’s what makes it great. Reverse psychology (maybe?).  I now love Ronnie Pickering for having the balls to ask the question despite him probably being a bartender or something.  It’s sneaky genius.


*A+ name.  Just in general


PS- I’ve said it before people with English accents swearing at each other is pure gold.  I could listen to those two guys curse each other out all day long.