Woman on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Freaked Out And Ran Off Set When She Learned What A Furry Is


HuffPo - Mika Brzezinski just learned what a furry is … and it was glorious. During a segment on Monday’s “Morning Joe,” Brzezinski was reading a headline from the teleprompter about a gas incident at a convention in Illinois when she came across a term she wasn’t familiar with, slowing down awkwardly and eventually pausing to ask, “Did I get that wrong?” “What’s a furry?” co-host Joe Scarborough echoed in apparent bafflement. Willie Geist ultimately had to take over as Brzezinski and Scarborough broke out into laughter — realizing what exactly the convention had been for — and the segment ended with Brzezinski running hastily for the door.


I’ll get to the woman in a second, but first I will have to go ahead and call erroneous on Joe on this one. Erroneous on both accounts! Nobody just doesn’t know what a furry is. Maybeeeee the woman didn’t…maybe. But you’re telling me Morning Joe Scarborough is totally oblivious to what a furry is? Shouldn’t a person in charge of covering the news for a major news network know that? Just saying something fishy is going on and he ain’t fooling me. He was playing it off a little too cool for my liking. My liar alarm is ringing in my head. Joe denying that he knows what a furry is reminds me of how in movies when parents find their kids cigarettes and the kids are like “those aren’t mine. I’ve never even seen a cigarette before”. A bit too casual and a bit too much in denial there, Joe.

But how about that woman fucking DARTING off set? She is that put off by the furries? Grow up, Mika. You have a job to do. And that job is reporting the news. When a furry convention gets interrupted by a gas leak, by god we need you there reporting it to us. Goodness gracious, Tom Brokaw just rolled over in his grave. The news isn’t going to report itself, Mika. She should be fired. Yes, fired. What happens next time a story of this magnitude breaks? Is she just going to dive under the desk? Jump out the window? She can’t be trusted with the news.