Devils Taking Shots At The Islanders And The Coliseum On Twitter


Bold move coming from the Devils. The franchise that barely managed to stay in New Jersey as they were winning Stanley Cups. Bouncing around from swamp to swamp in Jersey. Like homeless nomads just looking for a cardboard box to sleep in. Lou’s gone now and those Cups are in the past, Devils fans. Wake up and look at reality. The Islanders are the future. The move to Brooklyn and the new arena is gonna make the franchise more money than ever as they put more talent on the ice than they have in the last 30 some years. Keep taking shots about the Coliseum from the swamps you mutants. Looks like fucking Hank made that video for you.

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Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 4.58.45 PM

Bruins 10/23 – $115 – Unlimited beer + free meal – Click here to buy

Blues 12/4 – $95 – Unlimited beer + free meal – Click here to buy

**NOTE: No obstructed views from these seats.