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Chuck Pagano Crying His Eyes Out After The Colts Game Yesterday Is Extremely Odd

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Well that was one of the stranger things I’ve ever seen. A week three win over Tennessee, a team who finished 4-12, when you’re supposed to be a Super Bowl contender is the time to turn on the waterworks? Alright, weirdo. Even Andre Johnson is giving you the “What in the fuck is this guy talking about? This is who I hitched my wagon to?” look


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I don’t know if you were trying to inspire the guys with those tears but you’re certainly giving off way more of an unstable, our coach is insane vibe. Guess that’s just the difference of styles though. Some teams are content to hang AFC Finalists banners and remember 2 point victories over rookie quarterbacks for the rest of their lives. Other coaches go after Lombardis and would pull a Herb Brooks and keep their guys out there for post-game practice if they played a game like that. It’s not to say one style is better than the other, but one is much better than the other and I’m glad we’re on the right side.




PS – What a jarring moment when it switched from Pagano to Luck. One moment you’re on an emotional week 3 roller coaster, next Ray Romano is yelling at you about family.