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Jets Stunk But The Mets Are NL East Champs And Papelbon Just Choked Out Bryce Harper In The Dugout So Whatever

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Mets NL East Champs! Completely broke the Nationals mentally, physically, and emotionally. Yesterday it was chocolate sauce walk offs, today its MMA fights in the dugout. All after being mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. Dysfunctional losers and I love it. Nothing better than this. I wish these two assholes could do a simultaneous Rocky/Apollo knockout. Maybe even kill each other somehow.

Papelbon is the biggest dick in baseball. His hardo act was tired fucking YEARS ago. It was tolerated when he was winning but now its time to give it a rest bro. You’re washed up and you just physically attacked the best player on the planet. Just hang em up and stop embarrassing yourself.

And speaking of embarrassing yourself – if you’re gonna scream at a dude “Lets FUCKING GO!” you cant get choked out and ragdolled immediately 0.2 seconds later. Never pick a fight with the man with higher ground, Bryce. You may be MVP this year but you have a LOT to learn. Both on the field and when it comes to dugout brawls.