Dude Beats The FUCK Out Of His Sister's Boyfriend After He Finds Out He Hit Her



Just a little feel good video as we inch closer to the weekend.  A guy beating the ever living fuck out of his sister’s boyfriend when he found out he hit her.  That’ll put a smile on you face every time.  Lightning punches in bunches from that guy administering the ass whooping by the way.  I haven’t seen combo punches like that in a long time.  And to think before cell phones we wouldn’t have seen moments of justice like this.  I’m not pro-violence but that felt necessary. Hey, you don’t wanna get beat to a pulp and have it blasted all over the internet, don’t hit the guy’s sister.  That’s how the world works.  For real though, sign that guy up for a boxing class or some shit.  He’s the next big thing in boxing.