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TV Host Credits Leonardo DiCaprio With Painting The Mona Lisa



What can’t Leonardo DiCaprio do?  Nothing.  The man can do no wrong.  He’s drop dead gorgeous, he saves oceans and baby whales I think, he makes awesome Scorsese movies, he’s perfected the man bun and now it turns out he’s the one who painted the mother fucking Mona Lisa.  Oh only the most famous painting in the history of the universe.  Ever heard of it? Pretty good.  The guy’s talent has seemingly no end.  As far as the TV analyst, he knew he fucked up.  He knew it right from the jump.  It was all down hill when he said the star of The Departed painted the Mona Lisa.  From there on he stumble fucked his way to the commercial break like a pro.  Not much else to do but ride it out.  It’s a testament to him that he didn’t just walk off stage because that’s what I would’ve done. Hey, every segment can’t be your best segment.  Leonardo DiCaprio.  Leonardo da Vinci.  Tomato tomato. They’re both talented guys.