The Cubs Magic Number Is Now Down To 1, Also Madison Bumgarner Almost Murdered Joe West Last Night



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1. A single game. A Fukudome. Thanks to the Giants having another late inning collapse last night the Cubs can now clinch their first playoff berth since 2008 this afternoon at Wrigley. It’s been a wild and fun ride this season, one I truly didn’t anticipate but it all can be validated today. And I know that in the grand scheme of things clinching a 1 game playoff to enter into the real playoffs doesn’t mean a lot to a lot of other teams but it means a lot here. The Cubs historically haven’t been a playoff team, these opportunities aren’t exactly a yearly occasion around these parts. So enjoy today, hopefully we can do it with a win, and enjoy the ride, because this season is a special one, I can feel it and I’m sure you can as well. #WeAreGood.




Oh and shout out to the Giants for not only losing last night but for Bumgarner having an awesome staredown with Joe West. Joe West is the WORST.