La Porte City Guy Pulls The Ol' Casting Couch Move To Get Laid And Then Gets Arrested When He Threatens To Release The Video If The Girl Won't Have Sex With Him Again


WATERLOO, Iowa (AP) — An Iowa man is charged with extortion after investigators say he threatened to release a sex video of a 19-year-old woman if she wouldn’t have sex and pay him money. Police arrested 28-year-old Bradley Williams of La Porte City on Tuesday. He was making an initial court appearance Wednesday in Waterloo. The investigation started when a 19-year-old Bettendorf woman told police that someone on Facebook using the name “Lucas Phillips” contacted her last fall claiming to work for a modeling agency. The woman met the man in Cedar Rapids, where he took nude photos of her and they had consensual sex that was filmed without her knowledge.

Classic.  Real life meets the world of porn.  Life imitating fake porns on a casting couch.  Two worlds collide.  I’m admittedly not a big casting couch guy when it comes to watching porn.  I haven’t watched all that many of them actually.  They’re for sure fake, right?  I’m a simple man.  All I need from my porn is some sort of bad story line, a relentless commitment to that story line and then the natural progression of every porn.  Of those 25-30 minute videos I probably watch a total of 4 minutes of specific moments.  Bang it out and move on.  Although I did watch a crazy ass semi-torture porn the other day that may signal me going off the deep end here pretty soon.  So that’s me.  What were we talking about again?  Oh yeah, the guy who got arrested for tricking a girl into sleeping with him by claiming to work for model agency.  I’m gonna go ahead and say the girl should’ve seen this coming and since she didn’t that’s on her.  This scenario is so classic that I feel like even chicks should be able to spot it.  If a guy randomly contacting you on Facebook wasn’t enough of a red flag, the part where he says something like “How about you let me take pictures of you naked and then we’ll have sex.  Is that a camera?  No, that thing with a lens pointed right at us is definitely not a camera.” should be a giant red flag.

PS- All of the people who refuse to believe that casting couch porns aren’t fake.

h/t @ginnisthemenace