Jimmy Butler Just Bought A Nice Little 4.3 Million Dollar River North Mansion

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(Source) Chicago Bulls shooting guard Jimmy Butler has recently closed on a River North mansion, paying well over $4 million for the 10,000 square foot house, the Chicago Tribune reports. The 26 year old Butler closed on the house last week, paying $4.3 million for the mansion. Built in 2008, the mansion boasts an elevator, a 750-bottle wine cellar, a three-car garage, multiple outdoor spaces and just generally lots of room for entertaining. According to the Tribune, the home previously belonged to Greg Mutz, the CEO of developer AMLI Residential, a company that owns and operations a number of apartment projects throughout the downtown area. Butler joins fellow professional athlete Matt Forte to buy a behemoth home in the neighborhood.




Look at you Jimmy, go get yourself paid and buy yourself a sick ass mansion in River North. I won’t mention the fact that I’m pretty sure this is the exact same block that ‘Toine got robbed at gunpoint in his house but that was also a while ago so you’re good. What used to be Cabrini to the North is now a huge Target and shopping mall so you’re getting when the gettings good. My only question is, which one is Marky Mark’s room? It’s this one isn’t it.



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I’m actually excited for the Bulls to come back even though we’ll probably lose to the Cavs in 6 come playoff time. Plenty of time to fully talk myself into that not happening though, should be a blast.


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Closet is the size of my apartment.



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