How About Boehner Crying His Eyes Out During The Pope's Speech?



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Hey, man, what the fuck? Knock that off! There’s no crying in pope speeches! Save that shit for the old Italian and Latina grandmothers. You’re an adult man, you get like one cry a lifetime. Maybe two. You’re going to waste that on the pope talking about climate change? He’s not even blessing you, he’s just saying we should stop shitting on the earth (or something, I’m paraphrasing/didn’t listen). If that moves you to tears then you need to get your damn life together, son. I don’t care what you think about Boehner, you can’t like him now. Can’t trust him. If you just go to church and do the religious stuff, that’s one thing. But if you believe it so strongly that a dude in a dress talking will make you cry like a little girl then you’ve got a goddamn screw loose.

Editors Note: You Catholics are CRAY CRAY! KFC was totally wearing his pope hat during this shit.