Gisele Is Selling A Coffee Table Book About Herself For $700 Per Copy




(Source)Pay $700 to see what Tom Brady sees every morning. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen is charging that astounding figure for her new coffee table book — which celebrates her 20 years in the fashion industry with hundreds of snapshots, nudes and even one photo of her wearing a big cheetah head. Only 1,000 copies of the living room fixture will be sold, each of which will be signed by Bundchen.





Some people think that a $700 coffee table book about yourself is a tad overpriced, but I couldn’t disagree more. This is what makes Gisele, Gisele. She’s about elegance, class, high society. She’s not gonna take a bunch of iPhone selfies then put them in a book for like $20 (ahem, Kim Kardashian). No, no, no. There will be tasteful nudes, exotic animal heads, autographs and it will cost what most people make in a week. That’s how you do it, Kim. That’s how you market a book that is filled with pictures of yourself and do it without making yourself look like a cheap whore.



PS – Probably won’t be as good as Kramer’s, but it really would be a great coffee table book if you can get your hands on it. Nothig generates conversation like “You paid WHAT for this book?”