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High School Ref Gets Smacked In The Face With Ball During Extra Point, Ball Still Goes Through The Uprights



I have a question.  When did it become so dangerous to become a high school football referee?  It’s shooting up the Most Dangerous Jobs list in a hurry.  At this point the top three, in some order, goes police officer, fire fighter, high school football referee.  Every time I turn on my laptop there’s another story about a ref getting assaulted. First it was the dudes with the weird haircuts in Texas double- teaming a zebra then yesterday it happened again somewhere else.  Refs having hits put out on them like they’re in the mafia and shit.  When I played high school football I didn’t even notice the refs.  I was too busy snatching interceptions and and pile driving quarterbacks cause I was a BAMF.  Then we’ve got this poor guy in the latest attempt to assassinate a high school ref.  Although this one wasn’t on purpose (as far as we know) and even had a happy ending.  Ya know, minus the part where he got drilled in the face with a football like Marcia Brady. Knocked his hat clean off. At least it went in.