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Let's Have a Rational Discussion About The Whole "Papelbon Hitting Manny Machado Intentionally" Thing

So it all starts when Machado hits a HR to put the O’s up 4-3 in the 7th. He pimps the every living shit out of it. I have no problem with that. Baseball needs more of that. BUT, don’t be shocked when the opposing pitcher retaliates the next time you’re up. It’s a story as old as baseball itself. Batter shows up other team, batter takes one in the eyes next time he’s up.

So then on Twitter I was like Manny pimped his HR, of course Papelbon is going to beam him. Really thought nothing would come from such an obvious tweet. So I was extremely baffled by all these people on Twitter who were like “what, Bryce doesn’t pimp his home runs?” What does that have to do with anything!? Of course he does! I never said “Manny shouldn’t pimp home runs” or “pimping home runs is bad, how awful!”. I don’t think like that. All I said was obviously Jonathon Papelbon, a known aggressive, hot head pitcher, is going to beam him when he has a chance. That’s how Pap plays, and if you didn’t see that coming you’re dumb.

Now, I get the argument that he went for his head. Do we 100% know he went head hunting, as opposed to say his upper back? No, not for certain. But I can buy the argument that you shouldn’t throw at someone’s head. If it happened to Bryce, I’d be pretty pissed and be calling the other pitcher a pussy. So people who are okay with Pap throwing at Manny, but not okay with him head hunting, I’m cool with you. But it’s you lowlifes who are getting all Brian McCann on me, saying how awful it is that Pap retaliated, who can pound sand. It’s baseball. Won’t be the first time someone threw at a guy, won’t be the last.

As for today, I expect this as well:

So if you’re one of those Brian McCann assholes who were crying on Twitter about Papelbon, you better do the same today when the O’s throw at the Nats. Don’t be a sell out, believe in what you believe in.

Actually, I’ll just believe in Pedro. If the O’s throw at the Nats, the O’s are pussies because if Pedro says Pap didn’t do it, who am I to argue?

PS: Good to see two teams who are playing for nothing get fired up. The Nats and O’s both being good and both hating each other is great for baseball. Machado is lowkey one of the best players in the game, Harper is the best player in the game, and now there’s finally a reason for this “rivalry” to have a purpose. Before it’s just been more about pride, but no real rivalry. A little bad blow is flowing now. Great for the game.