Jake Arrieta Becomes First Pitcher To 20 Wins In 2015


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We couldn’t start the day any other way. Carl has a full Cubs blog coming out later this morning that is a must read but this needed top billing. Jake Arrieta, the best pitcher in baseball, with another dominant performance last night, hitting 20 wins on the season. Complete Game, 11 k shutout out and Wrigley was ELECTRIC for him all night long. One of those nights where everyone was locked in, every time Arrieta had 2 strikes whether it be the first inning or the last, everyone was on their feet to show their appreciation for the the Cubs best starting pitcher since Mark Prior’s ’03 season. I still can’t really comprehend the streak Arrieta has been on. Since  the start of August Arrieta has given up 4 earned runs. 10 starts, 75.1 ip, 38 hits and 4 earned runs total, FOUR. Look at this.


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His ERA in that time frame is 0.48, 4th best mark in a 10 game stretch since 1913. That’s historical greatness right there, something you won’t see again for a long time. And to add to all of it, probably the greatest honor of them all, the D-Train, Dontrelle Willis, decided Arrieta should be the 1 game Wild Card starter. What a night.



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Thank God for Scott Feldman and Steve Clevenger.


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