Instagram Account With Nothing But Pictures Of Spoonfuls Of Peanut Butter Speaks To My Soul

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This right here is why the internet was invented.  For things like this.  Instagrams accounts that are nothing but spoonfuls of peanut butter.  It was created by some chick who eats peanut butter on a spoon every night.  Here’s her first post


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And from there on out she posted nothing but pictures of spoonfuls of peanut butter nightly.  It makes no sense but it makes all the sense on the internet.  Are we in the trust tree?  That special space where we’re able to say whatever we want judge-free?  K good.  I do this too.  I eat a spoonful of peanut butter almost every single night just like this lady.  It’s the perfect late-night snack. I don’t actually know the nutritional facts but I’ve convinced myself that it’s good for me.  Or at least better than running to the gas station and buying snacks. Saves money and it’s healthy (maybe I don’t know but I won’t listen to arguments to the contrary).  Win-win.  I grab a large spoon, scoop out a giant glob of PB (creamy for life) and eat it on my couch.  It’s pure bliss and I’m sick and tired of thinking I’m the only one who does it.  Turns out I’m not.  Turns out there’s a whole community of us. Just chillin on our couches in our underwear snacking on peanut butter at 11pm.  I started doing it when I was a kid and since I’m still a small child trapped in a 26 year old body nothing has changed.  It’s sneaky the best part of my day. This lady has opened my eyes. She’s a pioneer. A true artist.


So if you’re one these people you no longer have to feel alone. No more shame.  No more hiding. I stand with you. We all stand with you.





And enjoy


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Here’s her Instagram