The Dr. Evil Supercut Of The Dude Who Raised The Price Of AIDS Medicine 5000% Is Perfect

Whats funny about this is that even though its obviously all chopped up, its still…5,000%…true. Like this dude really doesnt care about the people who die, only cares about money, and he thinks the price hike is totally reasonable. So yea maybe a Dr. Evil pinky and a supercut editing job is what it took to put it all into a 30 second video, but that doesnt make it not true.

Plain and simple the dude is just the biggest dickhead on earth. And just like I said on Daily Mail yesterday about the price of drinks in Manhattan being raised to $750 a glass, at least one NYC restaurant owner has responded with his own Martin Shkreli Tax:

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 12.11.33 AM


I’ll be perfectly honest – I dont know enough about the pharmaceutical industry and the intricacies of generic drugs vs. privately owned ones, but I do know that a sniveling little prick jacking up AIDS medication to a prohibitively expense level makes him a real fucking dick. Plain and simple. And so I hope every NYC restaurant, every bar, every store, every everything would enforce this tax. If this cocksucker buys a hotdog on the corner from a vendor I hope they charge him $500. Gotta make profits bro. Sorry. Its not unreasonable at all.