Claude Giroux And Cherry Hill Native Bobby Ryan Compete In A Snipe Off (Plus A Mini Preseason Roundup)

Well would you look at that? Claude Giroux and Cherry Hill Native Bobby Ryan hanging out together. Absolutely love how G just let Bobby take the win there at the end even though he could have easily put him away on that first skeet target. Because if there’s one thing to take away from this video, it’s that Bobby Ryan is coming home to play for the Flyers sooner than later. Sure, he may be locked up for way too long and for way too much money in Ottawa right now but if there’s a will, there’s a way. Raffl-Giroux-Voracek, Simmonds-Couturier-Ryan. Just think about that, go change your pants, and then think about it some more. Also, if there’s one thing that Claude Giroux is better at than any other captain in the National Hockey League, it’s his chirp game.

Now speaking of the Flyers, the Orange and Black opened up preseason play last night with 2 split-squad scrimmages against the Islanders. Our top guys beat the Islanders JV squad in Allentown 5-3 and then the Flyers JV team lost to the Islanders top squad in Brooklyn 3-2. I didn’t get a chance to see any of the game in Brooklyn since it wasn’t televised but there were plenty of promising signs from the game in Allentown. Guys who stood out in a good way were Medvedev (who we’ll start to call MDV from now on), Provorov looked pretty solid, the Redemption Line of Umberger, Vinny and Gagner did their job and then most notably… 2015 1st round draft pick Travis Konecny.

Give this kid 2-3 more years and he’s going to be a stud. Just in time for the Flyers to finally have their Stanley Cup team assembled. Elsewhere in preseason action….

Jack Eichel SH GWG


Kid is already making an impact out there. Also, I love how he’s wearing #41 until he “earns” the right to wear #15. 41 is such an ass number. Anyone who is willing to wear that number even in practice is someone who isn’t going to make everything about himself. Already showing his a team first kind of guy.

We Had Our First Bloodbath Brawl Of The (Pre)Season

Started off a little slow but then the haymakers came flying in left and right. Just a good old fashioned. God I missed hockey. Also, Darnell Nurse is the nephew of Donovan McNabb. Never forget.


3-on-3 Overtime Is Going To Be Fun

And that’s about all she wrote. More preseason action tonight and we’re only 15 days away from the NHL regular season. Let’s go.