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7 Year Old In Trouble At School Because She Won't Stop Writing Her Name In Damn Cursive

Fox – A photo featuring a harsh message from a teacher to a student is going viral on Facebook and raising conversations about the place of cursive writing in classrooms. The photo shows a sheet of paper with a homework assignment focusing on vowels, according to Popsugar. The name at the top of the paper says “Alyssa”, spelled in cursive. Also at the top of the sheet is writing in red ink from the teacher saying, “Stop writing your name in cursive. You have had several warnings.” Popsugar reports that Alyssa’s mom, from Kansas, taught her daughter how to write in cursive and probably never imagined that she would get in trouble for it. The photo was shared by a friend, Brenda Hatcher, on Facebook, and commenters replied in outrage. One said, “Best of luck to any teacher who writes this on my children’s papers!”

Question- who is in the wrong here: the teacher, or Alyssa? Because I’m going with Alyssa. News flash- cursive is pointless. We have things called computers now. If Alyssa keeps trying to be all hipster and doing shit like writing in cursive, she’s going to get left behind the rest of her peers. When it comes time to do math, is Alyssa going to take out a scratch piece of paper and start doing long division while the rest of her class is punching numbers into a calculator? It’s not all about you, Alyssa. Cursive is dead. All you need to do is sign your name on the bottom of forms, and even then you can just scribble and nobody gives a fuck anyway.

PS: How about that woman saying “What is wrong with today’s school system/society???” Ummmm, nothing? The fact they got rid of teaching cursive in school means we are moving forward as a society. I’d be flabbergasted if they were still lying to kids and telling them how important writing in cursive is. What, are we going to be dipping our quill pens into ink and penning the next Declaration of Independence? Fuck outta here. We’ll see how much cursive Alyssa wants to write in when she gets into the real world. Go to college and start doing your midterm papers in fucking cursive Alyssa. Otherwise listen to the teacher and cut the shit.