Brazilian Chick Going Through Some Sort Of Exorcism Tries To Slice Her Tongue Off

Looks like the scene at Sue’s Rendezvous on a Saturday night. “Please welcome Lupita to the stage!” And then they play some reggaeton and the cholos are going wild for her. Turns out she’s just some random Puerto Rican girl from the Bronx who doesnt really have many skills as a stripper so she just wiggles around on stage like a fish out of water.

Now I cant say I’ve ever seen a chick at the strip club try to slice out her own tongue but thats also because I had never gone to Sue’s on a weeknight. Who knows what kinda shit goes on there on like a Tuesday. Anyway the point being that no matter how weird this demonized chick is rolling around in the mud, I still would smash. Shes a spicy little Latina who clearly isnt all there in the head. Sure she might have a couple C-section scars and she might be possessed by the Devil. May or may not have bitten off her own tongue in an exorcism fit. But you know shes got a great ass, nice tits and ride game that will devour your dick. This little ritual rolling around in the mud isnt gonna dissuade me one bit.

PS – FUCK that guy who jumps in there and starts doing the exorcism thing too. Like hey dude this is my shtick. I’m the one pretending to be possessed by the devil by acting like Cheerleader With Dystonia. Go find your own exorcism routine.

PPS – I definitely thought they were gonna meet in the middle there and start going at it.