Congrats To The Colts....2015 Monday Night Football Week 2 Finalists







No picture has summed up the Indianapolis Colts more than this old idiot wearing this deflated football hat as his team is getting their brains stomped in by the freaking Jets.  Seriously can you be more pathetic than this guy?  They can’t even beat the freaking Jets!   The FREAKING JETS!   BAHAHAHAHA!     I guess that’s what you get for tattling on the Pats like little girls and not worrying about yourself.  For making excuses every single time you lose to us. For not being accountable for your own actions.   You get murdered.  You get stuffed in lockers.  You pay the Iron Price.


PS – The following ESPN “analysts” all picked the Colts to go to the Superbowl

  • Matthew Berry
  • Jerome Bettis
  • Andrew Brandt
  • Ryan Clark
  • Herm Edwards
  • Jon Gruden
  • Tim Hasselbeck
  • Ron Jaworski
  • Tey Wingo
  • Darren Woodsen