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You Can't Be Deeper In The Friend Zone Than This Kid Who Hugged A Girl He Isn't Dating For 31 Hours To Break The Guinness World Record For Longest Hug

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ABC News- Two Iowa State University students hugged each other for 31 hours in an attempt to crush the existing Guinness World Record for the longest hug ever recorded. “I honestly don’t even believe that we did it,” Amanda Nerem of North Central, Iowa, told ABC News. “Me and Alec are both happy we did it. “We both agreed that if they [Guinness] didn’t approve it, we’re going to do it again,” she added. Nerem, 19, her best friend Alec Norem, 20, decided they’d try and break a world record this summer. “We were really bored and were looking up some records that we could possibly beat,” Nerem said. “We saw the world’s longest hug and said ‘Oh, we can do this one.’ We sent in an application to Guinness World Records and a month or two later, they contacted us approving that we could do it.” Nerem said she and Norem held onto one another outside ISU’s library starting at 6 p.m. on Sept. 18 until 1 a.m. on Sept. 20. — a total of 31 hours. “We had to have both arms locked around one another and we had to be standing the whole time,” Nerem said. “We were not allowed to sleep and it had to be in a public place where people would be walking around being witnesses.” Every four hours friends would photograph and record evidence of their hug as proof. Nerem and Norem were allowed five-minute bathroom breaks every hour, and fellow students stopped by the event to feed the pair pizza, pulled pork and energy drinks. “I don’t know a lot of people who can hold onto someone for so long without getting sick of it,” Alex Norem said. “I think the whole experience brought us a lot closer…it was such a positive experience for both of us. In your four years of college you want to do things that you’ll remember for the rest of your life and for her and I, this was perfect for that.”



Call off the search.  We found him. Alec Norem.  The guy who has been friend zoned harder than any other guy on the planet.  Listen, I’m #TeamHug all the way.  You know that. I’m the biggest hug guy in the world but come on dude.  Even I think this is too much.  Open your eyes, Alec.  It’s right in front of you. Every guy gets friend zoned at some point.  It just happens.  You don’t even know it’s happening until it happens.  One second you’re trying to fuck a girl then the next second she doesn’t wear make up when you hang out and talks about other guys right in your face.  Somewhere along the line the main goal gets lost but you don’t know where.  It’s like the Bermuda Triangle.  And there’s no going back. There’s certainly no going back for Alex. 31 hours!  He hugged a girl he isn’t dating for 31 hours simply for the fun of it.  There wasn’t a no pants dance afterwards.  No just the tip, just for a second, just to see how it feels. Nothing. They probably hung out and watched a New Girl marathon while she talked about how he’s like a brother to her. He’s in the Friend Zone Hall of Fame.  The best thing to do?  Cut the cord. Stop all means of communications.  It’s the only option.



Also, this is total bullshit and their hug record shouldn’t count


Nerem and Norem were allowed five-minute bathroom breaks every hour, and fellow students stopped by the event to feed the pair pizza, pulled pork and energy drinks.


Huh?  5 minute bathroom breaks  EVERY HOUR and they’re stuffing their faces with pulled pork and Red Bull?  No no no.  Fuck that.  Guinness World Records aren’t about luxury.  It’s about stamina.  You want the world record for longest hug?  Then no bathroom breaks. You gotta be pissing and shitting all over each other for it to count.  No food, either.  Starve.  These things aren’t supposed to be easy.  That’s why they’re world records.


PS- If that kid is gay then carry on.  And for his sake I hope he is.


h/t @BarstoolIowaSt