Bills Mafia Craigslist Missed Connection: Looking For The Girl In the Grey Yoga Pants With An Ass Like A Nectarine





So last week we had the Bills Mafia craigslist missed connection from the chick who gave a random dude a handjob when her boyfriend went to get a beer.  There was lots of chatter that it was fake. Well I live in a world where I choose to believe that every story I hear about Bills Mafia is the truth. Today my faith was rewarded. Because this is the latest Craigslist missed connection from Bills Mafia.  A dude jerking off in his truck to a chick with with a great ass. I’m proud to confirm this is 100% legit because I saw the girl this dude was talking about and you couldn’t miss her.




Truly did have an ass was like a nectarine. Stop traffic hot. Would I get in my jeep and jerk off to her? No, but I’m not part of Bills Mafia. Regardless it’s good to know we can believe in something nowadays. Bills Mafia is so real it hurts.