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Selena Looking Hot As Hell And Sporting A New Hindu Tattoo That Translates To "Don't Think About Bieber"

Dailymail - Selena Gomez unveiled a brand new tattoo when she emerged from the ocean in Miami on Friday The 23-year-old’s tiny ink was located on her upper left thigh and shaped into the sacred Om symbol.The emblem holds great significance in Hinduism, with followers believing it clears the mind of thoughts and distractions should it be chanted.


First things first. Selena Gomez is a freaking 10. This is by far the hottest I’ve ever seen her look. In fact this may be the best use of a 1 piece bathing suit I’ve seen since the days of Elle McPhersen on the cover of the 88 SI Swimsuit Issue.



And yes that’s what makes me a 5 tool blogger. Comparing Selena 2015 to Elle McPhersen 88. Can’t teach that shit.
Anyway I almost feel sad for Selena now. Her anti Bieber therapy didn’t work so now she’s getting tattoos that essentially mean “Don’t think about Bieber” in Hindu. It’s like putting blood in the water for a shark. She looks awesome. She knows she looks awesome. She can’t stop thinking about him. She wants him to know she can’t stop thinking about him. Its just a matter of time till the Biebs takes her to stuff city and nobody wants it more than Selena. The heart wants what the heart wants.