Drunk Dude Gets Beat Up After Going On 5 Block Rampage In New York City

Gothamist – A disturbing video shows a man being beaten up after violently attacking people, vehicles, and buildings around Williamsburg this weekend. The video uploader wrote of the incident, which is believed to have taken place sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning: “This man went down blocks harassing people and hurting them last night before getting stopped … his last victim was girl walking down the street , he [grabbed] her and pulled her by her hair. no cops were in the area during this assault which went on for more then 5 blocks in nyc.” Around the 1:10 mark, it’s clear the man is on Driggs between Metropolitan and S. Fourth, across the street from Woodhul Wine Bar; the place where he kicks over the plant and menaces the woman is in front of San Loco. A manager at San Loco wasn’t aware of the incident, but the co-owner of Sort Of Wine Bar, also on Driggs, said it happened on Friday night. Police had no information about the man. We’ve contacted the video uploader, and we’ll update when we learn more information about the incident.

We all know my rules in life:

Never get involved in anyone else’s business.

If some dickhead wants to pinball down the streets of Brooklyn like goddam King Kong, so be it. I’m not gonna be a hero. I’m not stepping in and stopping that guy. But I’m also not walking alongside this fucking assholes filming him like the fucking paparazzi. Like I’m TMZ sniping some celebrity as he comes out of the club. I mean like maybe toss a heads up to the people in his path? Maybe give those girls a heads up before he starts yanking on their hair? I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt saying he had already called the police since the post says “no cops were in the area” but this dude is still kind of a cock for just filming the mayhem no? And then at the end being like “Yea, faggot! Thats what you get!” when two other dudes finally step in and fuck this guy’s shit up. That guy is kind of just as big of a dick in my head.

At the end of the day I love guys like him because we get to post videos of the Nintendo game Rampage coming to life, but just seems a little weird to stalk this dude for 5 blocks and just let him destroy the whole goddam neighborhood. And if it was me I’m just hightailing it out of there and letting everyone else deal with that drunken tornado of destruction pretty much the same way everyone else did. But quietly filming it watching as people just walk into the buzzsaw seems like a dick move.

PS – If you’re gonna do drunken NYC rampages, throwing office chairs around is a nice touch. I kinda liked that part.