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The Winklevoss Twins Bought 11 Million Dollars Worth Of BitCoins and Now Those Things Are Worth 32 Million Somehow


Post - A lot of people laughed at Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss when they announced in April that they had acquired $11 million worth of bitcoins. The announcement came on April 11, the day after the virtual currency hit a record high of $266 and then plummeted to $120. Over the next few days, it would fall as low as $50, cutting the value of the brothers' bitcoin stake in half. But since then, their investment has paid off big-time. A source close to the Winkelvoss brothers says they haven't sold any of their Bitcoins since April. Bitcoins are now worth $350, almost three times the $120 the New York Times quoted in its April 11 story. So that $11 million worth of bitcoins is now worth around $32 million.

It's so cute the Winklevi made 20 million bucks. Imagine Zuckerberg reading that article. Probably immediately lights 20 million on fire and sends them a picture of it and then buys another wife. The real question here is how do I create my own currency? It seems like all these guys did was buy a shit ton of Schrute Bucks and now have a shit ton of Stanley Nickels. Well I want in on this. I heard about bitcoins a few years ago and it made no sense to me, but then again, it took me three hours to update my phone yesterday, so I might be a little behind the curve when it comes to technology. Whenever I hear of bitcoins, I think of Mario hitting a block and getting a coin. That's about as real as a bitcoin is to me. Which might be why these nerds made 20 million internet dollars in 7 months and I'm writing about pogs.