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This Mom That Is Charging Her 13 Year Old For Rent, Electricity, Etc. Can Go Kick Rocks


Fox News- An Australian mom’s note to her son went viral this week after she posted it on Facebook, calling on 13-year-old Aaron to stop acting like a “roommate.”  The mom, Heidi Johnson, later explained that the disagreement with her son stemmed from the fact that he was making a little bit of money off of his YouTube channel and bragged about it during an argument.   So what did she do?  She listed how much it would cost him (more than $700 a month) if she charged him for his share of the rent, utilities and other expenses.   Johnson, who used an alias in her first post, explained that he’d need to start cooking and cleaning, and pay a $30 “maid fee” if he refused.  In a follow-up post, she said that she initially only wanted family and friends to see the note, but mistakenly marked it as “public.”


First let me state that as someone who has not raised a teenager, I have no idea what it is like being a parent to one of those creatures.  But I do know that even the best teenagers in the world are sometimes giant pieces of shit.  Just hormones and awkwardness shooting all over the goddamn place.  And I do applaud her by zagging while the rest of the world zigs into pussification.  But this lady needs to grow some thicker skin, pronto.  If you don’t think that a 13 year old is going to fight back at your likely dictatorship, you are loco.  I would usually blindly side with the parents because, again, I realize teenagers can be the fucking pits.  But if you underline “my child”, you think you own this person.  And last I checked, that is exactly what Abraham Lincoln and the Union army fought against back in the 1860s (okay, not EXACTLY).  Little Aaron probably made a couple bucks working some shitty job and had a girl he liked bat her eyelashes at him and he was probably just feeling his oats when his mom asked him to put away his laundry or something.  Give the kid a break, “Mom” (if that is your real name).  You’re not the boss of him, okay?  All you did was copy an idea from an old episode of The Cosby Show.  And I don’t know how fast news travels to Australia, but Bill Cosby is NOT a guy you want to be emulating in 2015.

P.S. Can we stop calling it “the real world”?  It should be called “the shitty world”.  Because once you graduate college and have to work, everything is shitty. Sure you can still party and have fun until you reach 30 or so, and then everything hurts (tenfold after drinking).  But until you graduate college, you should be allowed to live in a fantasy world 24/7.