A Hot Blonde Girl Has A Tinder Bio That Might Be True But Doesn't Make Any Sense At All



There’s always a chance this bio could be some wacky joke but I’m going to take it at face value. Maybe she’s one of those smoking hot half-Asian girls who scientifically can’t be ugly, maybe she’s from North Asia which is full of random Russian people, or maybe she’s like the mom on American Dad and is a white girl adopted by an Asian family…no matter what the story is, I need to know more. It’s not like this girl wouldn’t get a ton of matches anyway since she’s obviously pretty hot but how could you not be obsessed with learning the backstory here? She genuinely might be the most interesting girl on Tinder. Either way, one thing is for sure: That dog definitely hopes her bio is accurate.


And so begins another week of the Internet’s preeminent Tinder blog. I’m heroically fighting off a migraine to bring this to you so reward my sacrifice by following me on Twitter and sending in your funny/hot/weird Tinder screenshots (my DMs are open for your confidentiality). And without further adieu, let’s go!



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The dream is in play:


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Great bio but calling boobs “hella comfy” is such a classic “guy named Aidan” thing to do (via ZM)




“Jizz fiend” is a funny enough phrase that I’m willing to overlook that her pic looks like she’s telling a scary ghost story (via Wills)







Something tells me Ruby here has crammed more living into 21 years on Earth than most of us will in an entire lifetime (via IW)




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Very sneaky way to reveal your serious vagina dentata condition (via JMP)





Sup Liz




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So I guess this isn’t fake? Kandis here might be the world’s first escort billionaire with this marketing genius (via MD)




Love the idea, would love it more if she had a pic in a saucy French maid outfit (via TR)




This comes from a Stoolie allegedly using Tinder in Germany and really what sums up Germany better than hot Aryan chicks, shit, and sausage? (via Tivoli)




Another hilarious disabled girl Tinder bio and honestly I just want Meaghan to find a good guy because she seems swell (via CT)




Step 1) Match with her. Step 2) Show up to meet her in this hat. Step 3) Profit. (via Jordan)




That poor puppy has no clue how depraved her owner is. By liking Barstool I mean, not the sucking farts part (via NW)





Listen if you want to have herpes and be open about it, more power to you, but I find the exclamation point on the sign to be overkill (via GA)



Still sounds better than Herpes girl (via His Tallness)




Arab/Irish mixes are known for their zest for blowjobs and disdain for punctuation (via The Weekday)




Needing fisting and a love for BBC is a real “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” scenario regarding her vagina’s elasticity (via AJF)




As far as the chicks requesting huge dicks go, at least she has a viable reason for needing it (via Con)



This girl sent this in to me herself and I don’t know whether to publicly shame her or admire the thirst for getting you weirdos trying to bang her on Tinder so I’ll leave that choice up to you (via Taylor)



And onto the hot and maybe a bit NSFWish ones…




With that winning attitude I could see how good vibes follow her everywhere (via Druss)



Doesn’t matter which one of them is Becca, doesn’t matter if they ate Mexican food, yes and yes (via Ang)




Only if you promise to keep the blood of Christ out of the mix (via Tallness)




The combo of those thighs and a love of spankings is borderline criminal (via LAB)



(via AY)


Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 1.35.27 PM



Pokies are easily the most underrated photo theme, the thinking man’s upskirt (via 1-0)






Classic low self-esteem mousetrap at play here (via T)


And your NSFW cherry on top this week are two girls very proud of their racks. Thanks to everyone continuing to send screenshots in, hit me with yours on Twitter, and happy swiping!