1 Year Anniversary Of A Stoolie NYPD Officer Who Lost His Life, Show Some Love

Good morning,

Long time listener, first time caller. I wanted to reach out to you on behalf of the friends and the family of fallen NYPD Police Officer Mike Williams. Mike was one of my closest friends, and unfortunately, he lost his life nearly one year ago while on duty with the NYPD. He was en route to a U.N. detail when the van that was carrying him, and 8 others lost control and hit a median. He was thrown from the van, and was killed on impact.

With the 1 year anniversary coming up on September 21st, we decided to have a hold a fundraiser this past weekend in which we were able to raise $8000. Half of the money was given to our high school to be awarded as a scholarship in his name, while the other half is being given to the Michael J. Buczek little league, which is named after another NYPD officer who was killed in the line of duty. Each team in the league is named after a fallen officer, and our dear friend Mike had a team named after him.

Mike’s father was a police officer, and since I met him in kindergarten, the only thing he ever wanted to do was become an officer himself. He was a stud basketball player through high school and college, and finally reached his dream, only to have it all taken away 3 months after he graduated the academy.

I am reaching out to you in an effort to raise money for these great causes. Mike, myself, and all of our friends are devoted Stoolies. We have witnessed the power and generosity of Stoolies across the nation, and in high hopes, we wish to band together to support one of our fallen heroes. I’ve added links to a memorial video that we made in his honor, one that continuously brought me both joy and sadness while making it, a video of his parents visiting the baseball team in his namesake in Washington Heights, and a fundme site in his honor. I hope to hear back from you soon, and thank you for making my life a little less miserable everyday.

NYPD Michael Williams Memorial

Michael J. Buczek Little League Video in honor of P.O. Michael Williams

GoFundMe for P.O. Michael Williams

- Chris

Not much more to say there folks. Chris summed up what kind of guy Mike was. Check out the video, donate, do whatever youre comfortable with. But its awesome that Mike’s buddies are doing this to carry on Mike’s memory and all-too-short legacy