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Jim Nantz Had A Savage Burn On Jamaal Charles Last Night After He Fumbled The Game Away For The Chiefs




Loved seeing this out of Jim Nantz last night. Every announcer reaches that point in their career where they get a little older, a little chippier, and just generally don’t give a fuck. I hope this is the beginning of that era for Jim Nantz. One of the all time bests and that legacy is going nowhere, time to start taking shots here and there just for fun. Hey Jamaal Charles, remember that time you fumbled twice in a game including 1 with 25 seconds left to cost your team the win, well at least you held on to your helmet, boom roasted.




By the way, if you had Chiefs and Under that was a brutal way to go down. Up a touchdown with old ass Manning needing to put together a full field drive under a decent pass rush and not only did he pick them apart but then this happens with the scoop and score and you don’t even get the chance at Overtime. Can’t even blame Andy Reid here, you run the ball once, see if you get a first down, then take a few shots, you just hope your Pro-Bowl running back doesn’t put the pill on the deck, simple as that.





Finally Von Miller not only doing a little Val Venus sexual sack celebration.




But also OWNED Travis Kelce’s life both on and off the field. Have a night.



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