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Little Girl Gets Her Tooth Pulled Out By A Drone And Her Dad Is PUMPED



The maniacal laugh that Dad let out after his drone ripped a tooth out of his daughter’s mouth was INSANE. That was the craziest laugh I’ve ever heard a human produce.  Like he was a super villain who successfully built a death ray or some shit.  He was PUMPED.  This is why becoming a Dad is the scariest thing in the world to me.  You lose all semblance of your previous self.  Sure maybe that Dad has been a weirdo his whole life.  Unleashing that laugh whenever something moderately cool happens but I’m guessing that’s not the case.  I’m guessing he was a normal dude who liked to go out, get drunk, watch sports, chase girls and eat Chinese food in his boxers. That was how he had fun.  Then he had a kid and that all changed.  Now he’s having shitty dinner parties, wearing awful pink shirts that his wife forced him to put on and attaching dental floss to his daughter’s teeth for kicks.  This can’t be life.