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Down 1 Late In The 4th Quarter, Kobe Opted Not To Take An Open Shot After He Thought He Was Fouled So He Could Stare Down The Ref (Plus, Drake Is Now a Lakers Fan)


I watch tons of West Coast NBA now because why go to sleep when you can watch the Lakers play the Raptors, and last night that happened. Makes it all worth it. Kobe passing up an open look to grill the ref, before taking a contested jumper and somehow getting the foul call there. He also got a triple double last night because he decided before the game he was going to pass the ball to Swaggy all game and let him shoot contested 3s, which he somehow went 5-8 on (with 0 assists, as is tradition). It was a ridiculous game to watch.

Furthermore, Drake, who is from Toronto and pretends to like the Raptors, was just sharing a casual laugh with the enemy, whose bench he was basically sitting on.


I’m horrified that when KD comes to DC we are going to have to deal with Drake. It’s so inevitable.

Oh, and Rick Fox is a very good analyst.