I Actually Feel If You Go To The Redskins Game Next Week Vs The Rams, You Aren't a Good Redskins Fan

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The title might be a bit strong, but it’s basically how I feel. I’m never one to say what a “real fan” does. Everyone expresses their fandom in different ways. Some people watch from home, some people love going to games. I don’t love going to games. Even when they are good (lol!) I don’t love going to games. Takes a ton of effort to get to Skins games on Sunday mornings and I’m not about that effort life.

But we’ve come to a point where the Redskins are 3-17 over their last 20 games. One playoff win since 2005. Missed the playoffs 18 times in 22 seasons. So if you go to a game, you’re only hurting the chances of this team turning it around. You’re an enabler. You are enabling Dan Snyder and telling him it’s ok that we suck. That it’s ok that we are the laughing stock of the league. That it’s ok a businessman is somehow our top player personnel guy. Going to the game vs the Rams next week shows you are a sheep who will blindly support this team. And to me, that makes you a bad fan.

Is that harsh? Again, maybe so. I understand there are people who just love going to games. Maybe you don’t mind paying $40 for parking 3 miles from the stadium. Maybe you don’t mind waiting in line for an hour to get into the game and missing the first quarter because the staff is so incompetent. And maybe you don’t mind buying 10 dollar beers that expired in June. But I do. I mind all that stuff, and I mind it a lot. I’m sure there are nice, kind folk who enjoy sitting in that dump of a stadium in that dump of a city. But to me, every dollar that goes into Dan Snyder’s pocket shows you are content with the direction of this team.

FedEx field holds something like 90,000 people. They lie about having a season ticket waiting list, but that’s besides the point. If you are a Skins fan and truly are disgusted with how this team is performing, stay at home. You have to speak with the only language Snyder knows- money. Embarrass him. Until then, it’s the same old shit. Just keep this in mind- we drafted two quarterbacks in the 2012 draft. Colt McCoy started against Andrew Luck yesterday. Our offensive line is a turnstile and our defensive coordinator is a joke.

Please don’t go next week, I beg you.