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Nobody's Lives Matter Less Than These Hipsters Who Have Shut Down the 14th Street Bridge This Morning


Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 9.08.59 AM

I can’t imagine having to commute over the 14th street bridge the Monday after Thanksgiving and getting stopped by those complete asshole. The fact these pieces of nothing have nothing better to do than stop innocent commuters from getting to work on time is infuriating. What is being accomplished here? Do they not realize how awful of human beings they are being? That’s the thing I can’t figure out- when I’m an asshole for no reason, I at least realize and recognize I’m being an asshole. These people actually think they are doing something worthwhile. They somehow believe that by making thousands upon thousands of people late for work and causing unneeded stress they are doing something positive for the well-being of society. That’s incredible to me. To be that far up your own ass that you can’t see anything besides your own shit. Black lives matter- yes. Hipster lives matter- absolutely not. Just keep inching forward, drivers. I really can’t see any judge or jury in the entire universe convicting you of anything besides being a good samaritan and getting these inconsiderate douches out of the gene pool in a swift and timely manner.


Seriously guy on the left in your weird skinny jeans and stupid pink scarf and hat that makes me want to kill myself from second-hand embarrassment, what are you doing? The environmental science degree not paying off? Shift at the Whole Foods not til later today? This is absolutely, 100% the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen.