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Police Shut Down a Glen Burnie Spa Because People Were Paying For a Bit More On Top

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ABC News - Anne Arundel County Police say complaints about prostitution led them to open up an investigation.  Charging documents say on Friday a detective posed as a customer, laid down an extra $100, known as the tip, and alerted the female employee that he is looking for extra services involving sex.  “A lot of people, older people… men mostly,” said Ronald Mullins, who lives nearby.  Police arrested Qiu Zhang, 51, and Jun Zhu, 47, both from New York.  They say Zhang removed her clothes, a signal that she accepted the money for sex.  Zhang and Zhu were charged with maintaining a building for the purpose of prostitution.  The so-called spa is next to the Chamber of Commerce and across the street from Holy Trinity Catholic Church.  A camera is on the outside of the building, but detectives say they captured the real picture behind closed doors. “You hear about it like on TV shows and movies and stuff, but I never really expected it in Glen Burnie, especially on a main street like this,” said Guevara.    

Oh no, a big fat asian broad was fucking for $100! I don’t see the crime here. Sad lonely men went in, paid their money for a couple minutes of that sweet sesame chicken, and the sad lonely men went out. Nobody was hurt, nobody made noise, it was just a nice, friendly massage that went a few minutes longer. And 100 dorrars seems like a steal, no? I’m not up to date on my rub n tug costs, but $100 for the whole lunch combo seems like a pretty good deal in this economy.

I just don’t get why they set people up. Unless it’s like sex slaves and shit like that of course, let fat asians make a little extra for banging old guys. Who cares? Remember when they were set up in the Taco Bell parking lot and trapped the hookers? It’s malarkey.