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DraftKings Is Back To Turning People Into Millionaires With Their NFL $10M Millionaire Maker

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Here we go.  DraftKings losing their goddamn minds again and making everybody a millionaire. By the time it’s all said and done, everybody in the world is gonna be a millionaire thanks to DK which I’m totally okay with. As you know by now the NFL is back which means so are the DraftKings contests. This week is the NFL $10M Millionaire Maker. $10 million in guaranteed prizes, $2 million to 1st place and $1 million to 2nd place. You know how they say 2nd place is just the first loser?  Not here. So sign up now.


Contest Details:
-NFL $10M Millionaire Maker
-$10 million in guaranteed prizes
-$2 million to 1st place, $1 million to 2nd place
-Overlay alert. The Week 1 Millionaire Maker at DraftKings had about $500K in overlay. This means that the contest got far less entries than it needed to fill completely, but because the prize pool is guaranteed, the payouts didn’t change. This just means everyone has a better chance of cashing.
-Well this week there’s going to be about $1 million in overlay. While there should be 572K entries in this contest, it’s not pacing to fill anymore than 75%. This means that instead of paying out the top 35% of fantasy scores, it will be more like 50%. Plus you have an outside chance of becoming a millionaire.