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Jeb Bush Demanding That Trump Apologize To His Wife Was My Favorite Debate Moment


Lots of great moments from last night’s debate.  Which isn’t surprising when you look back and realize that the debate ran over three hours which was wayyyyyy too long. Not just too long for a debate but too long for anything.  I can barely sit through a 30 second YouTube ad.  At the hour and a half mark I felt like it I’d run a marathon.  Anyway, this was my favorite moment from the debate.  Jeb Bush demanding that Donald Trump apologize to his wife for comments he made about her.  A couple things that made it great.  One, Trump refusing to apologize.  That’s just Trump being Trump. In that situation 99.9% of people apologize even if they don’t think they did anything wrong. It’s simply a good look to apologize there.  Trump?  Fuck that. He sticks to his guns and figuratively tosses up double barrel middle fingers.  Second, and this is what made me laugh, was how quickly Jeb moved on after demanding Trump apologize.


Jeb: “Hey pal!  My wife is sitting right there. Why don’t you go ahead and apologize for those mean things you said about her. Do it.  Apologize right now. She’s right there. Apologize.”


Trump: “Nope.”


Jeb: “K. So here’s the deal with immigration……….”


Come on, Jeb!  Have a little backbone.  Stand up for your woman.  Punch Trump in the face if you have to. I’d at least respect that. Instead he folded like a cheap suit in front of 25 million people.  That’s gonna come back on Jeb at some point.  You just know it will. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even this year.  But at some point Jeb and his wife are going to be arguing about what movie to watch on Netflix and Columba is gonna yell, “Yeah, well why didn’t you force Trump to apologize to me at the CNN debate?!” and Jeb won’t be able to say shit.