Naomi Campbell Blasted Her Nips All Over Instagram For #FreeTheNipple

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NSFW picture click here via Death and Taxes 



#FreeTheNipple indeed.  I mean it didn’t work because Instagram is a bunch of prudes and took the picture down but I can respect the effort from Naomi.  That is a smoking hot 45-year-old right there.  Who am I to say who can and can’t blast their nips on a social media site dedicated to pictures?  I’m pro-nipple.  Always have been and always will be. I’m not motivated enough to do anything about Instagram censoring women but I hope the women ultimately win.   The more nipples the merrier.  That’s my view.   Ya know, as long as it’s the nipples of women like Naomi Campbell and not gross chicks. #FreeTheNipple



A look at some of the comments before the post got taken down


Fucking kids


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As good a case as any for nipples to be allowed on Instagram


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Same, tvy8600.  Same.


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