Can't Stop Watching This Middle Aged Japanese Teacher Leave It All Out On The Field During "Fly Eagles Fly"

Link to gaze

It’s tough to kill the game when you are the game. Get her on the sidelines doing the damn thing for Dallas. She can be our good luck charm. Our Rally Monkey/Playoff Squirrel, if you will. Don’t discount the guy avoiding real life by “teaching English” in Asia for a decade after graduating college, either. Dude is living in the moment. Good on the die-hard fans for spreading the good word of the Birds.

Remember when Bill Parcells got heat for whipping out “Jap Plays”? No disrespect to the Orientals.

PS – Ha, bet this poor broad who is just doing it for the kids would never realize she’s getting critiqued halfway around the world by some smut blogger who is usually two cans of tuna deep by noon. Tis not a life for the weary.

h/t Mike