I Needed To Chime In Real Quick On James Harden Continually Wearing Jordans Despite Signing a 200 million dollar Adidas Contract



I know this is a couple days old, but it was in the news today because TMZ caught up with James Harden who once again wearing Jordans. In fact the situation has become so embarrassing for Adidas that their CEO actually had to come out and say that once Harden’s contract begins in a few week he won’t be allowed to wear any Nike products anymore. Really? That’s the best the Adidas CEO could do? You just gave this guy 200 million dollars and he took a dump on your eyeball. The damage is done. There is no coming back from this ever.

In regards to Harden I just don’t get how any human being can be this stupid/arrogant. I mean I get mad at my employees if they eat Cheese Boy because I got in a twitter spat with them like 6 years ago. If Sales Guys goes to bars that I feel are anti Barstool I get pissed. I don’t care if I pay you a dollar or 1 million dollars I expect loyalty. Especially at the beginning of the relationship before you have any reason to hate me. So I don’t care what the Adidas contract says you can’t pay this guy a nickel. You have to rip up his contract and burn down his house. It’s the only move after getting emasculated like this. And guess what? I wouldn’t want James Harden on my basketball team either. He’s clearly a delusional fuck who only cares about himself and has no sense for team play.