Kima And Prez From The Wire Return For This Fantastic HBO Commercial


Fuck. Yes.  That was amazing.  A+ idea from the folks at HBO.  I couldn’t click that link fast enough. I’m always on the lookout for anything remotely attached to The Wire.  Seeing old characters from The Wire is commonplace nowadays.  They’re everywhere.  Wallace is a superstar.  Stringer is a superstar. Omar routinely pops up in awesome roles. McNulty is on a popular show I don’t watch. There’s a whole bunch of others. And every time I see one in a different TV show or movie it’s like seeing an old friend from high school where nothing has changed.  I get so excited. “There he is!  Bring it in here and let the big bear get his paws on ya.”  Seeing Kima and Prez on a stakeout gave me all of the feels.  All of them. The Wire is the greatest thing to happen to television and it’s not close.  Well done, HBO.  More of that please.


“He does look familiar though, right?” was perfect.


PS- If that commercial makes no sense to you then you need to get with the program.