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Baby Elephant Goosing A Topless Smoke On The Beach Knows Exactly What He Wants

Um…where is this magical place where you can ride around on elephants in gorgeous weather surrounded by topless biddy’s on the beach? Heaven? Cause the only thing in this vid reminiscent of Jersey is the sexual assault. Regardless, good on her for taking that suction hose like a champ. She loves that trunk in her junk.

Team this guy up with the cute pup who tried his damndest to rip his minx owner’s top off and we’ve got ourselves a ballclub.

Gotta respect the hustle. He gave it the ol’ college try, and that’s all we can really ask for. Would love to put this little Rudy’s heart in a player with more size and talent. You get a German Shepard on that top and it’s tits out for the boys.

“Alright I’ll help you now”??? Yo, guy, she’s big enough to handle herself. Let the pup go to town until the final whistle. If she dies, she dies.