Weather Is Turning, Time For Our "We Are Good" Hoodies, Also Jon Lester Learned How To Throw Pickoffs And Now Everyone Is In Big Trouble



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Couple quick things. 1, with fat guy weather rapidly approaching and October baseball on the North Side, yes October baseball on the North Side, we’re releasing our “We Are Good” Hoodies today. You can still buy the shirts but the hoodies are ready to go. I wouldn’t bullshit you either, these sweatshirts are awesome quality and very comfortable. CLICK HERE TO BUY



Second, it looks like Jonny Lester learned to how to pick people off and now you’re all in BIGGGG trouble.




Also made Lester laugh today, nbd. That much closer to my dream job of being a bench coach in MLB but not actually coaching or having any real responsibility. Just being a guy who’s in the clubhouse, keeping things light, cracking jokes, dipping, and maybe doing dares that the players come up with. That’s it, that’s what I dream of every night when I go to sleep.