Watch The Crowd Go Nuts As John Cena And Sting Congratulate a 7 Year Old Girl For Kicking Cancer's Ass

Well shit that was awesome. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million times, I love John Cena the person, hate John Cena the character. (An explanation of that can be found here.) Must be so awesome for the dad to see his daughter having an entire arena doing the Daniel Bryan YES! chant for his little girl who just beat cancer. What a feeling that must be. And sneaky a really moving part was that Sting was involved. The more I think about it, the more I think Sting probably has done very little Make-A-Wish work the way WWE does it. He’s in his 50’s and last night was his first match EVER on Raw. Seems like he was very hesitant and taken a back at first, and then fully embraced it like wow, this is incredible.

Just another reason why I would have no problem with Sting winning the WWE Title on Sunday at Night of Champions. Let the guy have 1 WWE Title run where he gets to experience everything he missed out on. Sure it was all 100% his fault, but whatever. Water under the bridge. Let him hold the belt for a month. I’d hate for him to join WWE and them just spite him the entire time. And nothing would be worse than a Sheamus cash-in and victory. Please no. With MNF back on and hockey and NBA right around the corver, I need a reason to keep Raw on TV2 on Monday nights. Sheamus holding the strap would be the opposite of that.