Biebs Gets Hasseled By Security Trying To Get Into the Ring After The Mayweather Fight




Listen I’m not even gonna get into how outrageous it is that Bieber couldn’t get into the ring here.  I mean the dude is part of the Moneyteam.  He is in Mayweather’s entourage every fucking fight.  He doesn’t need credentials.  His face is his credential. How do you not recognize who he is?  I’m just gonna chalk it up to the blonde hair and leave it at that.  Instead I want to praise my man for keeping his cool here.  Just shows his maturity.  A younger Bieber would have lost his mind.  A younger Bieber would have beat this man down.  Would have left him bleeding in the aisles Orlando Bloom style.  Egged him while he was face down on the cement. Then he would have turned to Kate Upton and asked her if she wanted a real man Clubber Lang style. But not the new sophisticated Bieber.  He quietly looked for another way into the ring and weeped gently into his managers shoulder.  The newer gentler Bieber indeed.