Dude With "2016 Eagles Lombardi Trophy" Neck Tattoo Need To Make Better Life Decisions


C’mon, man. And I’m not even that mad about the tat itself. You want to support your team who’s valued at a cool $1.75 billion that couldn’t give half a goose dick about you as an individual person, go nuts. But how about a little smarter placement for that bad boy, ace? Like get it on a place where it can only be seen when you want it shown. I understand the back area most likely has a giant crucifix with names of dead relatives scattered while the chest space is probably already filled with a TAPOUT, but there’s gotta be a little real estate on the cheeks or something. Getting a neck tattoo automatically eliminates all employment opportunities by 98% and 100% guarantees if he wants to work he’s going to have to wear a nametag. Be smarter than that.