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Brandon Marshall And Darrelle Revis Love The Return of Fireman Ed

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EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J.Fireman Ed has returned to the building, and New York Jets stars Brandon Marshall and Darrelle Revis are glad for it. Jets superfan Ed Anzalone, better known as “Fireman Ed,” was at MetLife Stadium on Sunday for the Jets’ 2015 regular-season opener against theCleveland Browns. It was his first game since “retiring” in November 2012, following the Jets’ 49-19 loss to the New England Patriots. That game is best remembered for quarterbackMark Sanchez‘s butt fumble. Anzalone didn’t give up going to Jets home games because of the team’s ineptitude on the field. He said confrontations with other Jets fans led him to call it quits. But the Jets are beginning a new era under general manager Mike Maccagnan and head coach Todd Bowles, and now they’re doing so with Fireman Ed back in the fold, too. After the Jets’ 31-10 win over the Browns, Marshall credited Fireman Ed with inspiring the team to victory. “There was a lot of energy out there, something that I didn’t think we had in preseason,” said Marshall, who scored a touchdown. “That was Fireman Ed getting us started — I know he’s been gone for a little bit, and we need him. “So I hope he’s listening to this because there’s a lot of talk that he’s trying to pass the torch to someone else, but you can’t duplicate that. So we need him to get us going. It’s not just the offense, defense and special teams. We need that 12th man, and it starts with Fireman Ed. So Fireman Ed, don’t pass the torch.” Revis brought him up after the game, too. “I want to thank the crowd, I want to thank Fireman Ed for coming back, and just being electrifying again,” Revis said. “They played a big part in this game.”

In all my years of blogging, my single least favorite to write about is fucking Ed Anzalone. Its just the goddam worst. Was he a originally a Dolphins fans? Does he get paid by the Jets? Did Ed “retire?” Is he coming back? I really do not give a fuck about all this stuff. By all accounts Fireman Ed is just a big Jets fan who led a chant and got popular. Dont know anything about him personally. Dont want to. Dont know why anyone cares about this guy at all. The dramatics that spiral off this dude with the media and the fans is so dumb and so ridiculous.

But even I’m gonna chime in here. If the players like it and wanna show him love and that makes the team happy, then keep doing what you do, Eddie. But this is kinda bullshit. Fireman Ed basically ran away because he didnt like Jets fans anymore, and now he’s just like “nah I’m back.” I mean dont get me wrong, I’m sure there have been dickhead fans giving Ed shit out of jealousy and drunkeness and whatever else, and if he wants to just not do his shtick anymore because of that, then that’s totally fair. But you cant just flip a switch. Turn that shit on and off. In and out. Super Fan…not Super Fan. Front row seats leading the chant in front of the cameras, no no no, leave me alone. Either you’re Ed Anzalone or you’re Fireman Ed. One or the other bro.

Please just pick one so I dont have to blog about you anymore.