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Rex Ryan Basically Gave Himself The Gameball


(Click for video)

Listen I used to hate Rex Ryan. When he started with the Jets I despised him. But I just didn’t understand him in the beginning. The more we played him the more he won me over. He’s just a lovable harmless dude. Like I got a feeling if Belichick was starting an NFL posse Rex would be in it. I think Rex is one of the few guys in the league Belilchick actually respects. Rex isn’t a tattle tale. He’s not the type of guy who makes petty excuses. He knows Belichick has owned him and he wears it like a badge of honor. Rex would be the class clown of the group.

And this move right here basically giving himself the game ball is classic Rex. I’m sure this week is gonna be filled with talk about how the Bills are back. How Rex can’t wait to get his hands on the Pats. How this is Buffalo’s superbowl. How he can’t sleep at night because he’s frothing at the mouth to play us. I believe everything he says. His enthusiasm is 100% real. And I’m sure all of Buffalo feels the same way. They always do. They are serious when they are chanting “We Want Brady” in the crowd. It’s actually endearing.

Buffalo is one of those rare teams that I just can’t get myself to hate. If anything I pity Buffalo. How could you not? It’s so cute how excited they get to play us. How they always think they have a chance. How they always think this time will be different. How this will finally be the time they are ready to rise to the top of the AFC East. And then we roll into town rip their hearts out and force feed em back down their throats. Tom Brady is 23-3 against the Bills. 23-3! Yet Buffalo keeps picking themselves up off the mat. I honestly don’t know how they do it. How they manage to get up time and time again only to be beaten back into submission. There is something honorable about it to be honest. And Rex is the perfect fit for this city. An indomitable spirit who refuses to let the fact they live in Buffalo and can’t beat the Patriots keep them down. Good for you Buffalo! Good luck Sunday!  The Pats are going down!